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Translation and Language Services

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Language Services

In addition to professional translations, I also offer a range of language services.

Language Reviews

I offer proofreading of your texts; I carry out a check that they are written in grammatically correct Swedish. I review the texts with respect to spelling and grammar but I also check the style, facts and terminology if so requested. I can also undertake to adapt the texts according to the target reader and context.


In some cases there is need for a quick and condensed overview of the content of a text written in a foreign language. In these cases, the objective is not to get a complete translation of each and every word of the source text. It is rather a matter of getting an abstract of the text in question. The abstract can be of various length and scope. I undertake writing abstracts of  English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German texts. The abstract is written in Swedish.



I carry out a review of your texts and I propose improvements related to e.g. spelling, grammar and terminology.